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Blueprints from architectural plans for the development of a home, as used by Bridekirk Properties
Renovations in progress similar to what would be completed by Bridekirk Propeties during the property development
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Investing in the Future


At Bridekirk Properties we are always proud to work closely with investment partners who value our professional work ethic and share our vision for developments that are carried out with integrity and expertise. Having had involvement in a variety of property developments, property sourcing and investment agreements we posses all the crucial elements to be able to offer impressive returns to third party investors.


We are always excited by the potential of partnering with an investor who has an interest in capital gain from the property development sector, but would rather trust in the professionals to complete the project. Our years of experience mean you can trust in our ability to take the hard work out of your hands. We will source the project, complete the planning, organise any associated finance and create the finished product, giving you a laid-back investment experience.


We always approach our partnerships with honesty and transparency, and any agreement will be legally robust and any investment is secure with Bridekirk Properties.


We are fortunate to be able to offer different investment opportunities, whether you hope to be involved in a joint venture basis with a profit share on completed properties, or would like to invest in a secured return typically offering returns of 10% per annum. If you are interested in investing into a property project or offering flexible capital against numerous projects, we would be happy to discuss any options with you or indeed send you a full proposal.


If you think you would be interested in investing with us, please get in touch so we can further discuss how an investment opportunity can be structured.

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Get In Touch

Do you have a property that you are looking to sell? Or want to become an investor in future projects? Don't hesitate to contact us:

A row of town houses, similar would be suitable for property development with Bridekirk Properties
The kitchen of a home with a modern and fresh finish as would be achieved by Bridekirk Properties

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A light and airy modern design bathroom similar to what is achieved when choosing Bridekirk Properties

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